The NFL And Maroon 5 At Halftime

It is really easy to pick on the NFL for any number of reasons: bad officiating, weird rules, instant replay, bad teams, bad owners, bad players, weather, ticket prices, the fans, it’s called “football” but they use a hand-egg hybrid. But the easiest thing to pick on the NFL every year is their seemingly endless ability to pick irrelevant entertainment for the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

I previously mentioned my great annoyance with RHCP playing halftime completely unplugged which is 100% “sellout” territory and honestly a bad move, then there was that Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake fiasco, Katy Perry, Madonna, and …Coldplay? These don’t sound like the right choices for the “toughest sport in the world,” but the NFL knows what they’re doing making strange choices.

The NFL is bro territory where bros talk about being bros and bro around a football with bros while pounding broskies. Bro. However, the Super Bowl Halftime Show is statistically the most watched event in the US in any given year. Roughly one third of the US will see the Halftime Show and of that, maybe a tenth are genuinely interested in the game itself. So, the NFL caters to the other 90% consistently.

Maroon 5 is the last thing I’d want to hear if I was coming out of the tunnel to battle on the gridiron, it wouldn’t be on my to hear list at kickoff, it wouldn’t be on the menu for the touchdown dance special. However, for the 90% of people that don’t care about the outcome of the Super Bowl, it’s a goldmine. The average cost of an advertising spot for the Super Bowl is a meager $5,000,000. You think you want to cut into viewers with that sort of ad-rev? Didn’t think so.

I couldn’t care less who plays at Halftime, it’s always a strategic bullshit money grab, and the only people who do care about the Halftime performer, don’t actually care about the game itself.

C’est la vie.