Why Do You Share Links From Bullshit Websites?

Given that I’m writing this from my own critically acclaimed website, this should totally garner a lot of interest, but my question is in the title: Why do you share links from bullshit websites? This is a simple question that stems from the complete disconnect I see from friends on my preferred social media website Facebook.

Most of my friends are either liberal leaning Democrats or Independents, with a few Republicans mixed in the stew. Well, right leaning friends always get flak for posting from any Fox affiliated websites, such as Fox News and Breitbart, which totally run all of their content through a blender and a pig’s digestive system before being shit out to the world, and my left leaning friends are always quick to point out how deplorable those websites are at fact checking, or even trying to look remotely honest. Normally, I don’t have a problem with this, but there’s a huge exception: These same people who bash the right also share links from total shit websites.

We all know their names, OccupyDemocrats, DemocracyNow, BipartisanReport. My friends from the right go to bash these very left leaning websites, and most of them do a terrible job of sourcing material, if at all, and it makes my left leaning friends look just as bad as the morons swinging in from the right. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and two fires won’t stop the blaze. Ugh.

It’s not even political websites either, IFuckingLoveScience is a total crap viral-share website, and I can’t even name you all of the awful mind wasting viral sites out there, but some of the worst offenders are: Distractify! Let’s show you a cool ten second clip, but have it last 3 and a half minutes because we need to put text over everything to explain it all to you like the idiot you are for pressing play on this video in the first place! TastyYou know how you you like muffins? You know how you like Chicken Parm? What if you made… Chicken Parm Muffins?! I know right?! Let’s take the next 5 minutes to show you how easy it is to waste three hours of your life to make something totally useless. Yes, we know it takes 20 minutes to make muffins and only 40 minutes to make Chicken Parm, but these take three hours to make and now look! We do the thing where we pull the food apart and show you what melted cheese looks like, people love that slow motion melted cheese shit. Medium (The new WordPress.com), We love the fact that people will share this website around like it is Gospel spoken straight from Jesus’s mouth, not at all aware that this is an opinion website with a little button in the corner that says “Write A Story, Sign Up Now!” 

The thing with Medium, and even to a point now Huffington Post, people share opinion sites like it’s real life facts. Someone said something I agree with, therefore it is fact. Someone once said vaccines create autism, therefore it is fact. WRONG. I’m just completely amazed by this. I’m not a journalist at all, I’m just a dude who owns his own website, and people have in the past USED MY ARTICLES to prove a point. Nothing screams credible source material like www.joerenken.com, am I right?


Can I Just Vote For Hillary Already?

It’s not that hard to be tired of Donald Trump, he’s a loud mouthed spoiled brat with a ton of money, and the intelligence of a high school jock who cares more if the girls like him than if he’s even going to graduate.

The problem is, popular media isn’t tired of Trump. They love him! Ratings galore! Every time he opens his pork chops and spits out a grease fire, the ratings flare up, and more face time builds his brand. It’s disgusting.

Every week, he says something newer that’s somehow even worse than the week before. Hell, even Hillary’s new ads are literally just Trump talking. Why is he even in the consideration for being a candidate of the most powerful position in the world? Oh right, because he was running against an idiot doctor, a racist, a sexist, and a failed CEO, and the brother of the worst president in the history of the USA.

I don’t want to talk about Trump anymore. It’s exhausting keeping up with his shit. I just want to vote for Hillary already. However, we can’t let Trump have a free pass by letting up on him or “grading him on a curve.”

He has no reason to be president, hell, he doesn’t even have any reason to be the owner of his own company. Down with Trump. He’s a living nightmare, an actual monster, and I do not want him at the helm of this country, because it’s even debatable if he’ll even be the one behind the reigns, and don’t even get me started on Mike Pence.


Joe wrote this blog, breaking his own promise never to talk about politics, while drinking a Surge and watching Misfit Garage on Cable TV.